“This is the way the world ends,                     Not with a bang but a whimper.”                                                      T.S Eliot                                                           Hollow Men

She could see each ripple swelling into a wave while she kept staring at it through the deep sea of agony in her eyes. The pain was over, her bones had softened. It was time. The two bodies merged into each other; ‘Jhelum’ was ‘her’ now.

She was free; free from the chains of despondency and misery, no more to be ravished by those vile and contemptible beasts. She was nobody’s daughter, sister, wife or mother. She had awakened to a solitary self.

The waves of her freedom consumed everything that came in their way. It was a flood of emotions that washed away the boundaries of  confinement. The ranging storm in her heart exorcised the air of its wretchedness.

Everything was over. It was time to rest!                                                     


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